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Colorado Polyamory Weekend Details

General Information

You must know someone in this polyamory community or have a conversation with the organizer before you will be allowed to join the site and register.  All money received is used to pay for the lodge, food, food preparation, and a few minor expenses. We have spreadsheets showing all costs for the lodge, food, and labor. If you attend the weekend these are available on the member forums on this site and on the CPW Facebook page.

Pricing Summary

Standard cost to attend the weekend is $370 to $620 per person, depending on the room configuration, this includes all lodging and meals during your stay from Thursday dinner to breakfast on Monday. Exact prices are listed for each weekend and room configuration below.


We also have a sliding scale for people attending with 3 different rates that can be selected when you pay your registration deposit. These different rates are described in the details page at the link at the bottom of this page.

We require each person who is coming to pay a deposit when they register, an invoice for the remainder of the balance will be sent out at the event payable within 30 days after the event.  Deposits will be refunded in two cases: 1) if the reservation is cancelled at least 6 weeks before the event, or 2) if there is someone on the waiting list who can take the place of the cancelled reservation.

People who wish to arrive Wednesday afternoon (after 7:00pm) may stay the extra night for $50 per person. This is a wonderful to time to ease into the weekend and get acclimated to the altitude. The first meal that is provided is dinner on Thursday evening.


To register you will need to join this site and be approved by the admin. This will give you access to the registration page. When you register you can also be added to private forums on this page and to the CPW Facebook page for announcements and discussion (if desired). When all open spaces for the weekend have been filled we will start a waiting list.


Things to do:

The Colorado Poly Weekend is an annual long weekend retreat for polyamorous people and people in poly-relationships to hang out together in a poly-normative, accepting environment. The weekend goes from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning. This retreat takes place in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Breckenridge, Colorado. Breckenridge is a beautiful town located an hour and forty minutes west of Denver. 

Typical activities to do at the retreat are hiking, bike riding, playing board and card games, sightseeing, karaoke, dancing, a discussion group, reading, relaxing, bowling, and most of all, spending lots of time with other amazing people. 

The lodge has WiFi available.

There is a wonderful hot tub. 


There is no smoking inside the lodge at all. There will be a designated smoking area outside the lodge.

Pets are not allowed at the lodge. 

Children are not allowed to attend the weekend. We love children, but this is a time for people to get away from family responsibilities. Since some people bring alcohol to the lodge, we require participants to be 21+ in age. 

Guests / Visitors:

Guests and Visitors are not allowed at the lodge during the weekend. The Colorado Polyamory Weekend is a space where everyone in attendance has agreed to the consent and lodge rules and where people often share things that can feel vulnerable. Having people who are unknown to the group come by the lodge during the weekend breaks up the trust that we develop with each other and disrupts the flow of the weekend. 


Having said that, we have made exceptions to this rule very occasionally. If there is someone who would like to visit without staying for the full weekend, please contact us to make sure this can be accomodated before inviting them to the lodge. We will let you know what times would be available.


This weekend is for adults and there may be adult activities, like puns and innuendo and flirting and adult board games. It is not a pick-up scene or a swinger party. If you do not come with a partner with whom you are already sexually active, do not assume that you will find a sexual or play partner here.


This is an “Only ‘Yes!!!’ means Consent” space, and by "Yes!!!" we mean an informed, non-inebriated "Yes!!!". Anyone who violates this rule will removed from the retreat with no refund and will not be allowed back.


We understand that diversity is not just about acknowledging differences, but embracing and celebrating them. We acknowledge the systemic barriers faced by Black, Trans, LGBTQIA+, and other minority individuals, and actively work to dismantle them.

At the Colorado Polyamory Weekend, we welcome and embrace all individuals, regardless of race, gender orientation or identity, preferred relationship styler, or sexual orientation and strive to create a world where everyone can live freely and authentically.


All meals will be made by in-house chefs. The food is served buffet style and we accommodate all dietary restrictions. Alcohol is not part of the meal package so bring your own if desired. Everyone coming will be asked to help setup and cleanup a few times during the weekend. Breakfast is served from 7:30am to 10:00am; up until 9:00am, breakfast is buffet with some items cooked to order, after 9:00am it is buffet only. Lunch is served from Noon to 2:00pm. Dinner is served usually around 7:00pm.


The house has stairs and most bedrooms are upstairs. If you have accessibility issues around stairs, please contact us.


There are 13.5 bedrooms:

  • Six bedrooms each with one king bed and a private bathroom

  • Five bedrooms each with one queen bed and a private bathroom

  • One bedroom with one queen bed and a shared bathroom

  • One bedroom with two twin bunk beds (four twin beds total) and two single twin beds. This room shares a bathroom with another room. Beds in this room are done individually and the room is gender inclusive, meaning it is a shared space regardless of each person's sex, gender identity, or gender expression

  • One loft/hall room with a single twin bed that shares a bathroom with another room

Cancellation Information:

If you must cancel, your deposit will be returned only in two cases: 1) if the reservation is cancelled at least 6 weeks before the event, or 2) if there is someone on the waiting list who can take the place of the cancelled reservation.
If unforeseen circumstances cause the weekend to be canceled more than 30 days before the event, all deposits will be returned. If we must cancel with less than 30 days notice (basically this would only be due to severe weather circumstances), we will refund deposits based on the pro-rated refund amount returned on the lodge deposit we have already paid.

Detailed Pricing for the Weekend
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